Baseline Integrated

About us


Baseline Integrated Services is a construction consultancy company with a wealth of expertise in forensic planning and claims, pre-construction planning, project delivery planning and training. We measure our success with your satisfaction, more reason we are committed to quality and transparency in service delivery. We do not just deliver, we build legacies that foster long lasting relationships. The outstanding services we offer and are still offering sets us apart from others, we simplify the complexities in construction and help you navigate them. With us, your construction journey is with certainty.

Our Value

Why we are different.

We follow a collaborative pattern to get every member of the team actively involved in project delivery, bringing every individual’s area of strength in play for problem solving and delivery.


The vision of Baseline Integrated Services is to be a go-to consultancy company with adaptive strategies to transform client's aspirations to practical reality.


To offer collaborative and expert guidance in planning and project development, redefining trends in construction and construction consultancy and building lasting legacies.

Our Team

Our team has handled big, small and challenging projects and delivered all excellently. We are not moved by challenging projects because we have seen and delivered it before.