Baseline Integrated


When you work for us, the following are guaranteed


working with us is more than just having a job. We offer an avenue for you to advance in your chosen career through workshops, seminars and mentorship programmes. You will have access to industry's best planners who are excited about seeing you thrive.


At Baseline Integrated Services, we operate an inclusive method where everyone collaborates to see the success of a project. While working with us, you build relationships and also learn from others.


Your safety is of utmost concern when you work for us. We employ safety measures to ensure your well-being is not endangered while doing your work.

Incentives and benefits

We offer incentives and benefits that cover healthcare, retirement and some social activities, so your social life does not suffer while working for us.

Pre-construction Planning

Pre-construction Planning Embarking on a construction project without a proper knowledge of contractual requirements for the project only leads to disruptions. Our team of skilled professionals create realistic programmes that are practicable with viability put into consideration. We run a feasibility study that involves an indepth analysis of the design, location, technical, operational and legal compliance to help you make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a project or to re-strategize. At Baseline Integrated Services, our pre-construction planning services serve as a roadmap to a realistic execution of your project.